Thursday, January 3, 2013

Outside the Box Book Challenge

Another challenge which encourages reading new and different books. Once again, I signed up for the highest level, No Box Can Contain Me!, which means reading 13 books. 

The categories:

1. To the Screen:
Read a book that was adapted to the screen.  Try to read the book first, then see the movie – how did they compare?
2. Another Voice:
Do you typically read books that focus on a Female Character? Try a male protagonist. A male point of view usually? See what it’s like from a woman’s perspective.
3. Opposites Attract:
 Are you always reading young adult or historical fiction? Try something that would be opposite – a contemporary read for those stuck in the past, for instance.
4. 5 Star Day:
Is there a book you’ve seen featured on another blog and everyone raves about it? Even if it isn’t your cup of tea – give it a try to see what the hype is all about.
5. XyZ pdQ:
You’ve seen them – ABC book challenges – well this one is light! Grab a book that has either an X, Z or Q in the title!  Too tough? Try going for the author’s name!
6. It’s My Birthday:
So, have a party! Read a book that was published in either your birth month or birth year!
7. From One Place:
It’s neat to read a book that was first published outside of the United States (or your country – we won’t hold it against you if you don’t live in the Good Ol’ USofA).  Make sure to pull up a slang dictionary of that country, though, otherwise you will always wonder why they put the ‘kettle on the hob’ (and, no, it has nothing to do with short hairy guys with big hairy feet!)
8. It’s All About ME:
It seems that everyone has written a memoir of one kind or another – or someone wrote about their favorite person.  Read about their life and know that yours is still marvelous, even though you didn’t climb Mt. Everest by the age of 2!
9. Visit an Old Friend:
Do you have one of those books that you tell everyone is your favorite, because of the fond memories you have when you read it eons ago?  Read it again, just to make sure it still is your Favorite!
10. Look at the Pretty Pictures:
It seems that Graphic Novels are all the rage.  Check on out and see for yourself! If you have read the original, how did the graphic novel compare?
11. She Made Me Do It:
You read about the book on another site.  It wasn’t necessarily something that everyone raves about, but this person spoke so well of the book, you just had too! (I know, it’s kind of like #4 – but this one is special, you were moved by the blogger’s recount of the story, you just had to!) Don’t’ forget to mention who made you grab that cookie from the jar!
12. I Couldn’t Help Myself:
We all do it! We walk through the book store (or even one of those super stores) and it strikes you! You stop in your tracks and you have instant Cover Love! Grab it, buy it, and READ IT! Well, was it worth it?
13. To Be or Not To Be:
Time to break in to that section that very few of us fear to tread!  Read a play, memorize a poem and analyze it since it’s rolling around in your head!  Give the Bard (whoever she may be!) a chance!

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  1. Thanks for joining the challenge! Sounds like you are ready to get out of the Box and start partying like it's 2013! Looking forward to your reviews!