Thursday, January 3, 2013

Nerdy Non-Fiction Reading Challenge

I read loads of non-fiction. However, most of my reading in that category is in historical reading done for school research. This year, one of the things I'd like to do is read more non-fiction in other categories. With that in mind.... I signed up for this challenge. And, of course, I signed up at the nerd level, 15+ books. 

Here's the list of categories listed on the challenge page. I'm aiming to read one from each.

1. Health, Medicine, Fitness, Wellness
2. History- US, World, European, etc
3. Religion, Spirituality, Philosophy
4. Technology, Engineering, Computers, etc
5. Business, Finance, Management
6. Sports, Adventure
7. Food- Cookbooks, Cooks, Vegan Vegetarianism, etc
8. Autobiography, Biography, Memoir
9. Art, Photography, Architecture
10. Music, Film, TV
11. Self Improvement, Self Help, How To
12. Home, Garden
13. Science-Nature, Weather, Biology, Geology
14. Anthropology, Archaeology
15. Animals-Insects, Mammals, Dinosaurs, etc
16. Family, Relationships, Parenting, Dating, Love
17. Crime, Law
18. Poetry, Theatre
19. Politics, Government, Current Affairs
20. Literary Criticism/Theory
21. Cultural Studies
22. Travel
23. Crafts

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